SC Heart Gallery Foundation Launches Website


June 3, 2013


In early June, the South Carolina Heart Gallery Foundation launched it’s new video website at


Clark Smith, Chairman of the Board for the Foundation, stressed the importance of getting ahead of the curve with this type of site, which is the work of Velocity Design in Greenville, S.C. The videos featured on the site were produced by KOOLFLIX™.


“Using video content to tell the story of the Foundation and the work we do instead of using text and pictures is the future of the Internet,” Smith said. “Content is so important to the SC Heart Gallery Foundation. We hope that people visiting our site will appreciate its ease of use and enjoy the video content provided.”


The new website aims to be informative, raise funds, and increase awareness of teenagers in South Carolina who are waiting to be adopted.


Millie Qualls, Program Coordinator of the South Carolina Heart Gallery, says of the new Foundation website, “We are so fortunate to have the support and resources of the Heart Gallery Foundation.  We are already seeing a tremendous response to the TV commercials the Foundation released in January, and with their new website now active, we look forward to the additional exposure for our waiting children!”


The South Carolina Heart Gallery is an adoption recruitment program. Professional photographers around the state take beautiful photographs of children in foster care. These photos help the people of South Carolina see the personalities, hopes and dreams of these children who are waiting to be adopted.


When I first met my child

In this video, parents share their experiences of meeting their adopted children for the first time. It’s a powerful testimony to the love that forms between parents and even older children through adoption.

HGF When I first met my child video


Retirees who choose to adopt – Great story from NBC News.

Check out this excellent segment from NBC Nightly News about a couple in their mid-60s who, instead of taking it easy and enjoying the benefits of retirement, chose to adopt a teenager.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 4.37.20 PM