About Us

Helping to find Forever Families for South Carolina’s “waiting” children in need of permanent homes..

The South Carolina Heart Gallery Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, works to provide funding and resources to support the efforts of The South Carolina Heart Gallery.


The South Carolina Heart Gallery Foundation is a fundraising foundation for the SC Heart Gallery, a statewide organization, which works to find Forever Families (adoptive families) for South Carolina’s legally free children. These are children whose parents’ parental rights have been terminated. Many of them are part of sibling groups. Most of them are beyond their toddler years. All of them want to be a real part of a real family.

Board of Directors

Clark Smith (Chairman) – Greenville, SC
Patricia Byrd – Spartanburg, SC
Michael Genovese – Greenville, SC
Regina Ruopoli – Charleston, SC
Catherine Ryan – Greenville, SC
Monica Hill (FCRB Non-Voting Member) – Greenville, SC
Millie Qualls (Non-Member Advisory) Program Director SC Heart Gallery