Unconditional Love

“I’m not asking for much…I just want a family that will take care of me and love me.”


MoniqueWe hear this over and over again from children in foster care who are available to be adopted. When asked what they are looking for in a family, you’ll never hear them say “lots of money”, or “a big house and awesome car.” You’ll probably never even hear them request a family or a certain race or parents of a certain age.


All these children want is to be loved…unconditionally.


And are they really asking too much? We don’t think so. Unconditional love something we all seek—both in our family and romantic relationships. Everyone deserves to be loved for who they are, not what they do or don’t do.


National-Adoption-MonthNovember is National Adoption Awareness Month, and we believe the perfect time to talk about what love means to children in foster care.


Imagine going through life wondering when you’re going to make the mistake that causes your family to kick you out. For many children in foster care, this has been their reality over and over again, as they’ve moved from one temporary home and family to another. These children deserve permanency and stability; they deserve unconditional love.


Spend a moment with our videos of children in foster care who are waiting to be adopted, and pay special attention to what they are looking for in a family. More often than not, they’re not looking for much: just to be loved and cared for.


The South Carolina Heart Gallery Foundation supports the work of the South Carolina Heart Gallery, which is a collaborative program administered and supported by the Foster Care Review Board, Office of the Governor and the South Carolina Department of Social Services.


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